Friday, January 11, 2008

Welcome to The Horse Show Blog!

Hi and welcome to my blog!
Let's talk. This is our chance to get to know one another.
Rick Lamb
The Horse Show


Susan said...

Test! Test! Hi Rick! Great job - as usual! Can't wait to read more!!

Sky said...

Hello Rick! Thanks for letting me join in! I was wondering if anyone has heard about a famous person that is planning to ride horseback across country, possibly including Africa, for a cause or fund-raising. I saw part of a report and missed who it was. Anybody know? Thanks!!

Pasogal101 said...

I just watched the episode where Candy learns to be a trick horse and you were great. I enjoyed that and identified with your challenge and good time!
Best Horse Related Episode I have enjoyed. Many Thanks

Pasogal101 said...

Osama Bin Laden has a brother in Saudi Arabia who is Sponsoring a 3000 mile endurance race across the dessert to promote peace.
I am sure he is picking up on the achievements gained by commonalities with horsemen in history.
This brother is trying to show not everyone in his family supports terrorism and world fear.

Rick said...

Thanks, pasogal. Candy's my sweetheart. That's her on the cover of my book. She's 11 now and gets better all the time. My other main horse is my filly, Sarah. She's coming five. I'm trying to ride her as much as I can. She's smart and very bonded to me but needs more experience out on the trails. There are stories about both of them in the new book.