Thursday, February 28, 2008

From Nashville

Hi everyone,
Just a quick note today. I'm sitting in a Hampton Inn in Nashville finishing breakfast. In a couple hours I'll drive the 30 or so miles to Murfreesboro to setup for Road to the Horse. I'll also see my new book, Human to Horseman, for the first time today. I guess I'm more nervous about that than anything else.
Had a fun dinner last night with Diana, our daughter, Blair, and her boyfriend, Josh. Pizza and trivia at a local bar. Blair and Josh are in the law program at Vanderbilt. When did our kids get smarter than us?
Yesterday there were snow flurries here all day, which was very cool. Had to rush out immediately and buy a sweater. It's supposed to be nice for the weekend, though.
That's it for today. I'll write more after Road to the Horse. Maybe some juicy, insider news!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Road to the Horse

Two weeks from today I'll be in the arena at Road to the Horse, doing my thing: talking. I'll also be learning, watching these great trainers do what they do best. Tickets sold out several weeks ago, but you can still sign up for the live webcast. This could be the best one yet. Chris Cox, Ken McNabb, Tommy Garland, and a fourth competitor that is being kept a secret. Yes, I know who it is. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

I'll also get to see my new book for the first time. Although it's not officially coming out until September, the publisher is allowing me to sell advance copies at RTTH. They'll be shipped straight to my hotel room. We'll have a booth right outside the VIP room, same as last year, and Susan from my office will be manning it the whole weekend. I'll be in and out as time allows to meet folks and sign books.

People ask me if I get nervous out there in front of so many people. Yes and no. I'm more nervous about it right now than I will be when the time comes. That's just the way I am. Once I'm out there, I feel right at home. And folks are always so nice to me. I truly have the greatest job in the world.

Better go before I start blubbering...