Monday, March 17, 2008

On the loose in Durango

Hello from the living quarters of my horse trailer! Diana and I are camped outside Alamosa, Colorado and it's COLD! Luckily we have everything we need in our little home away from home.

We're heading back to Phoenix after a two-week expo road trip (Four States Ag Expo in Cortez and Rocky Mountain Horse Expo in Denver.) First one like this we've done. My music parter (Jay Casmirri, also the editor of our TV show) joined us so we could play some music. I love playing and singing, and people seem to think we do a pretty good job at it. We put Jay on a plane this morning.

Between the two expos, we spent a day in Durango shooting a TV segment on the Rochester Hotel and its connection to fifteen classic Westerns shot in the area. That should be on our show in the next few months. Durango is becoming one of our favorite places, but I do have a little problem. I spend too much money there! We keep finding things that are so cool and not available anywhere else. Last year it was a lambskin jacket for me. This time, we picked up the finished hat Melissa made for me on the TV show. Diana also got hers, a flat brim, flat crown gaucho in black. We decided to treat Jay to a custom hat, too, since he was giving up so much time to do the trip with us. Then I got a new winter coat, charcoal, mid-thigh length and very different. I needed it. Really! I was freezing. Oh, and Jay and I each bought a new guitar. This was all in one day, mind you. Ladies, you've got nothing on me in the shopping department!

On the way up to Denver, we stopped and shot a TV commerical in the snow for next holiday season. I wore my new hat and new coat. It felt really, really good. Know what I mean?

More later.


Patricia Barlow-Irick said...

No one in his right mind camps in Alamosa this time of year. Yikes!!!!

Stay warm!

If you come down Highway 64 on your way home stop by the Navajo City Roadhouse and I'll buy the two of you lunch.

John said...

Saw the hat last night. Looks cool. Good choice!