Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Shooting TV spot with my horses

Today we had a fun day shooting a TV commercial for Ritchie Waterers at our house. All four of our horses got into the act. The challenge was to get them to drink on cue. Remember the old adage about leading a horse to water? Well, Diana proved it wrong. First, she taught each of them to eat a horse cookie out of the dry bowl. Then we added sweetened water and the horses really went after those cookies, just like they were bobbing for apples. Our youngest, Sarah, did best. She's such a ham! I was very proud of Diana and all of our horses. Keep your eyes open for the spot when our new season begins in May on RFD-TV.



Elly'sMom said...

Hi Rick,
I just found your blog. I've been thoroughly enjoying your Horse Smarts emails.

How fun to film with the horses. Here's to continuing success!

Rick said...

Thanks, elly'smom!