Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Doug Preston

I'm a reader, or a bookworm as they used to say. I always have a novel and a few nonfiction books working. My buddy, Rick Swan, got me started on the Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child thrillers. Turns out Doug Preston is an avid horseman - did a 1,000 mile ride retracing the route of Coronado searching for the seven cities of gold and earned a place in the Long Riders Guild. I emailed him and invited him to be on my radio show and he agreed. Great interview covering a wide range of topics, not just horses. Check it out online. We're going for a trail ride next time he comes out this way.

Haythorn Ranch

Spent a couple days at the Haythorn Ranch in Nebraska "helping" with the calf branding. Actually I wasn't much help but they kindly let me ride along with the cowboys and even rope and drag a few calves to the fire. We shot video for our TV show. The episode airs July 22nd and 27th on RFD-TV. It's a cool story, really. The history of the ranch goes back to 1876 in England and spans five generations of Haythorns. They still do things the old way there and have a fantastic horse breeding program. The cattle are kept around mostly to give the horses something to do. Nice folks.