Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hunt and Swift Passing

All of us who love horses and are seriously trying to do better in our interactions with them mourn the passing of Ray Hunt and Sally Swift. However, I think what’s most notable about these great teachers is the fact that they left so many talented students behind who are committed to continuing their work. What a great legacy!
In our grief, we say, "there will never be another," and it's true. They were unique and special human beings. However, their importance to the Revolution in Horsemanship is that they have created something that has a life of its own and will go on without them.



grace said...

This 'passing of the reins' is making me think about what I am leaving also. Perhaps most of us can find at least one person we can influence toward better horsemanship and that could be our return gift.

Rick said...

I love it. Kind of the "pay it forward" idea.

Pierce Plumbing Inc. said...

I remember having been required to read Sally Swifts 1st book for our riding class in college and I was fortunate enough to ride in several of Ray's small clinics while taking a colt training class.
These are 2 very special souls who taught unselfishly and I feel responsible to carry out the great lessons they shared. They will be greatly missed.