Monday, January 10, 2011

Michael Richardson Benefit

Yesterday I emceed the Michael Richardson Benefit in Fort Worth. It was a great example of why the horse industry is so special. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much information and inspiration packed into one day. And not a single person involved made a dime. Presenters included Tom and Trina Curtin, Allen Pogue, Pat Parelli with Lauren Barwick, Curt and Tammy Pate with Charlie Trayer and his cowdogs, Chris Cox, Lee Smith, Craig Cameron, and Buster McLaury. Peter Campbell shared the emceeing duties with me. More than 200 items were sold to the highest bidder in live and silent auctions. Some bids brought in thousands. Forecasts of snow kept the crowd small, but hearts were big and cash was flowing. I was proud to be part of it. Extra special thanks go to Bill and Susan Muncaster and countless volunteers for putting the event together.
About Michael: Confined to a wheelchair since a jeep accident in 1986, Michael is a talented horse trainer, clinician, and motivational speaker. Sadly, another accident recently did further damage and his recovery took a bizarre turn when a bite from a brown recluse spider went undetected, resulting in necrosis. Although now out of the hospital, Michael faces a long recovery and large medical bills.
Listen to my radio interview with Michael
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Lanie said...

They found the right man for the job when they asked you to emcee the Michael Richardson Benefit. Your ability to bring out the best in your presenters and attendees I am sure did much to guarantee the success of this venture.

I also wanted to congratulate you on the great job you and Diana did on The Horse Show's episode of Pat Parelli's Mentors. What a delight to see Ronnie Willis properly credited for his contribution to the world of Natural Horsemanship . I must admit the photographs tugged at my heart - even though I had never seen him in a baseball cap!!!

Best wishes for continued success and thank you for the great work that you do to educate and empower all of us .

Lanie in Montana

Suzanne Creel said...

Thank you Rick for being there for this event. What a wonderful day when horse people came together for a cause. The presentations were inspiring and heartwarming. How can we question any trouble that comes our way when we see the support that was shown on Sunday. God Bless you, Michael, and all that supported the Michael Richardson Benefit. I left the Cow Town Coliseum in blinding rain and drove into dreadful snow, but had joy in my heart all the way home to McKinney Tx.