Sunday, January 16, 2011

Who is this Guy?

I have many fond memories of my sixteen days at the 2011 World Equestrian Games, and getting to know Aussie superstar, Guy McLean, is one of the fondest. Guy was a late addition to the schedule at the Clinicians’ Corral, where I was hosting, and his part-riding/part-liberty/part-comedy act left me with the overwhelming desire to scream, “Who is this guy?” Then I heard him recite some of his original bush poetry, the Australian equivalent of our cowboy poetry. It actually moved me to tears, and again I found myself blubbering, “Who IS this guy?” Well, it turns out that this newcomer to America is exactly what he appears to be – a world-class horseman, a sharp-witted entertainer, a thoughtful poet – and then some. That extra something could very well be Guy’s work ethic; his act incorporates not just one or two horses, but FOUR of them, all of which know their names and do things you simply don’t expect to see horses do upon command. If that sounds a tad cryptic, good! I want you to watch the TV show. Enjoy, and remember. You saw him here first.


Shelby Creek Stables said...

We had the pleasure of Guy McLean and his team of four Australian Stock Horses stay with us during WEG. He is an amazing horseman and an inspiration to all horse lovers. His compassion and kindness reaches beyond the horses and straight to your heart. It was an honor to get to know him and we wish him the best of luck here in the states!
Hats off to our dear friend.... Guy McLean!

HorseOz said...

Living in Astralia I have been lucky enough to see Guy and his horses perform on a number of occasions. He has always left me in awe of what they can achieve together. His poetry is an added bonus that gets the heart involved. Words can not do justice to describe the complete performance of horsemanship you see when you watch one their acts.

Shelby Creek Stables said...

We had the honor of Guy and his horses stay at our farm during WEG. I can not begin to express the blessing he is to America, a true horseman in every sense of the word with a passion and fire for what he does. His kindness and compassion reaches beyond the horses and straight to your heart!
Hats off to our dear friend... Guy McLean!

junkfoodjodi said...

I saw Guy McLean at the WEG as well, and since he wasn't in the printed program, I was asking the same thing: "who is this guy?" I had to look him up on the Internet when I got home. I am sending for his DVD's to see if I can work some of his magic on my unruly pinto!
P.S. my next horse is going to be an Australian stock horse!