Monday, October 8, 2012

Be a reporter for The Horse Show!

Okay, here’s your chance for that 15 minutes of fame. 
You – yes, YOU – can be a field reporter for The Horse Show. Call it a contributing editor on your resume. No special training or equipment are required. Just use your imagination and your smart phone. Then email the file to me at

Interview someone. Promote your breed or sport. Cover something interesting. I'm open.

Still queasy about the assignment? Here are some tips that might help:   

1. Try a radio interview first. It’s easier and I’m more likely to use it.
2. Your smart phone probably has a memo recorder for making grocery lists, etc. Use this to record.
3. Put the phone really close to the mouth of the person speaking. This minimizes background noise.
4. Don't worry about length or editing. I'll make it right.
5. Email the file to

Fine print: There is no compensation for your journalistic efforts and no guarantee I will use the recording on radio or television. If I do, I will credit you for it and you can update your resume. In sending the file to me, you assign all rights to me in perpetuity and give me permission to use your name and the names of any people featured in the recording. More questions? Email me at … well, you know.

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